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One of the Best Survey Sites Available? An In-Depth Look at YouGov (Online/App)

WHAT IS IT? YouGov is another GPT site, where you get paid to fill out surveys. But before you go casting it aside, know that it has at least one thing going for it: some of the lowest disqualification rates in the business. I've taken close to 40 surveys total over the span of a year and have only been disqualified twice. That's a way better acceptance rate than any other survey site not named Prolific. This is because, like Prolific, their surveys aren't so much about finding the right demographics to support the research of a specific brand, but rather gaining insights about people's behaviors and ideas in general. So what can you expect from the site? And is it right for you? Well, read on and let's find out! SIGNING UP AND TAKING SURVEYS Signing up is as easy as filling out this form and verifying your email address. The sign-up process with YouGov is shockingly straightforward: fill out your email address, create a password, verify you