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Stacker2 Xtra Cherry Vanilla Extra Strength Energy Shot (Dollar Tree)

Forget if you've tried this before? Here's a good test: does the above picture make you nauseous? Outside of cakes and other bakery treats, I have to confess that I don’t really like the taste of vanilla in anything...especially drinks. Most of the time it’s just too much syrupy sweetness added to something that’s already sweet, and the effect is overwhelming. Even for a sweets guy like me, I just can’t do it. So then why in the world would I be interested in a shot of vanilla, mixed with cherry? Well, first of all, it’s a new flavor from Stacker2 available at Dollar Tree, so I felt the need to try it for no other reason than I might never see it again. Also, Stacker2 energy shots generally don’t taste much like the flavors they’re trying to emulate, so I figured maybe this one would dial up the artificial cherry flavoring and add only a dash of vanilla. Or, maybe it wouldn’t even taste like a combination of the could really go up in the air. And as they say, you never

Stacker2 Berry Xtra Extra Strength Energy Shot (Dollar Tree)

Good value done in by poor flavor. I’ve already written many prefaces about Stacker 2 energy shots and how they’re available in Dollar Trees nationwide, and how Dollar Tree has quite a few to choose from and how they’re hit or miss and a couple of them really suck blah blah blah, so let’s just move ahead, shall we? This smells almost expired. It’s like the juice of a fruit – that’s not a berry, ironically – was left sitting in a basement for too long and has started to ferment. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “pungent”, but it’s not really all that inviting; it kind of smells like something that should get you drunk, instead of amped up. You know what else isn’t all that inviting? The taste, the experience of which is actually pretty close to what the scent insinuated. Unlike most energy shots, this one isn’t very sweet at all. That in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I’m sure there are many people who find the taste of most shots to be too saccharine for the

Stacker2 Blue Raspberry Xtra Strength Energy Shot (Dollar Tree)

Not too shabby for a buck. Well what have we here? Yet another energy shot offering from our fine folks at Dollar Tree? Well how could I say no? I'll admit that Stacker products took a hit in my eyes thanks to their awful “soda” inspired shots, which blended the awful taste of metal with a total lack of carbonation. But after seeing some positive user reviews online, that eased me off the ledge a little bit, and into the cart it went. The scent definitely smells like a "good" blue raspberry; come to think of it, mystery flavors that don't actually exist in real-life are a perfect match for energy shots, which almost never use real juice or colors and rely almost solely on chemical composition. I mean, think about it, does a berry energy shot actually taste like berry? Does grape taste like grape? We might be able to trick our brains into thinking it does, simply because that's what the image and text on the lable tells us it is, but if you were to put an unbran