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Moiselle Sparkling Moscato Wine (Aldi)

If you like "sparkling" and "sweet" in your wine, then you're probably going to love this. I like me some occasional wine, but it has to be sweet, or else I’m not interested. If it’s sweet and sparkling, however, then sign me up instantly! Aldi has carried the Moiselle line of wines for quite some time now, consisting of pink and white Moscatos, but we had never noticed their sparkling Moscato offering until recently. Retailing for a mere $5.99 in Ohio (price may vary elsewhere), we just knew we had to try it…and I'm certainly glad we did. My nose cannot differentiate aromas professionally at all (hell, it frequently has problems detecting anything at all), so please forgive me when I describe the smell as being “similar to just about every other Moscato I’ve ever sniffed". It does smell crisp and inviting; the bottle alludes to "flavors of pineapple and other tropical fruits"…I’m not sure I can specifically detect any of those on the nos

Wicked Grove Elderflower Cider (Aldi)

Apple cider with a floral twist. A little while ago, Aldi offered a Wicked Grove Variety Pack, which had four bottles of three different cider flavors: apple, green, and elderflower. I was very interested in the elderflower, but didn't have $13 that I was willing to spend on a collection of alcohol that I wasn't even sure I would like: the apple is the same kind that they have available all year long (and that was reviewed earlier), but I do not like green ciders, and wasn't sure what to expect concerning the mix of floral and apple, so I opted not to get it. At first, I thought I had passed up the only chance I would have to try it, but lo and behold, Aldi offered a standalone six-pack of the green apple cider about a month later. And now, they have done the same thing to the elderflower cider, offering them in six packs for the standard Wicked Grove rate of $6.49 (in Ohio; prices in other states usually cheaper). I bought these the moment I saw them on the shelves, wh

Wicked Grove Hard Cider (Aldi)

It's good, but so sweet you can feel yourself get diabetes in real-time. Finally!  I’d been waiting with bated breath to see when Aldi would finally carry a hard cider, and upon looking through their summer catalog, I finally found my answer, in the form of Wicked Grove Hard Cider, which seems to be available through summer only.  As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I don’t drink beer at all, because it tastes disgusting; for me, life’s too short to acquire tastes.  So I’ve always enjoyed the ciders, which taste great and are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer’s day. As the title seems to allude to, this is a knockoff of Angry Orchard, as far as I can tell, though its strong sweetness also reminds me strongly of Redd’s Apple Ale.  It tastes strongly of apples, but there’s also an almost overwhelming sweetness/tartness; it’s nowhere near the delicious crispness of Trader Joe’s own Woodchuck-produced Newton’s Folly, but it’s definitely drinkable.  Beer fans can just stay far

Block Party Hard Lemonade 6-Pack Bottles (Aldi)

An overly sweet, but refreshing hard lemonade. When I first started shopping at Aldi very nearly a decade ago (my best estimates peg the year 2005 as the year I first set foot in one), they carried a hard lemonade by the name of T-Dubs.  To put it plainly, it was swill, with a flavor more akin to a lemon cleaning product than the actual tart fruit.  Yet I still bought it anyway, if only for the reason that it was (if my memory serves me correctly) $5 for a six-pack.  Well, I couldn’t have been the only one that found it offensive, as a short while later it was pulled off the shelves, never to return again. But the only problem was, it wasn’t replaced by anything.  As a non-beer drinker, Aldi’s options are severely limited, to either wine, or the occasional special buy coconut rum or strawberry daiquiri.  I’ll even down a good cider, but for reasons unknown, they never get any of those in, especially considering Trader Joe’s has a fantastic one that could easily (at least in my he

Vivache Peach Moscato (Aldi)

Old pic I stole from the internet.  The bottle looks different now.  I've really got to get better about taking pictures... I am not, by any normal sense of the term, a wine drinker.  Sure, I’ve been known to throw some down with my wife, but my only requirements are that it has to be sweet--dry wine, at least to my unrefined palate, is the equivalent of drinking rubbing alcohol with the faint taste of grapes--and it has to be cheap.  I can’t see spending even half of what a typical connoisseur might drop on a single bottle of wine, so I tend to look for offerings that are in the $10 or lower price range. Even though my wife can go far dryer than I can, her favorite kind of wine is moscato, which as you probably know is a light, sweet, and often sparkling wine.  Obviously, that’s right down my alley, too, so we often buy cheap moscato’s just to give them a whirl. So imagine our excitement when we saw Aldi was offering Vivache Peach Moscato for just $6 a bottle.  Curious