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Willow Ultra Soft Mega Rolls Toilet Paper (Aldi)

Remember when everyone stockpiled this stuff? As you can probably tell from the point of this blog, I enjoy typing up reviews of the “budget” products that my wife and I use. But sometimes, I tend to forget about reviewing the most absolute of basic necessities. And one of the most basic and primitive of all needs happens to be toilet paper. We have gone through at least a dozen different styles and brands over the years, and I have only reviewed one, and that's because it was the worst roll I've ever used and I wanted to get the word out to prevent others from making the same mistake that I did. Well now, we're going to take a look at one that goes in the opposite direction: one that I like so much, it has started to become our go-to brand! I think part of the reason that I neglected reviewing toilet paper in the past, is that many of them are the same. I'm not very picky when it comes to many things, so unless it's super-weak, or has the texture of sandpap