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Get Paid Virtually Nothing to Check Your Car's Mileage in Monthly: An In-Depth Review of Parked (Web)

WHAT IS IT? Parked is a fairly new website that pays you to “check in” your car at regular intervals, with Amazon gift cards paid out for check-ins and bonuses offered for low mileage. INTERFACE/NAVIGATION There’s pretty much only one thing you can do in Parked, and that’s checking in your car. That makes navigation a breeze. Once you sign in, you simply click on the “Check-In” button, and follow the onscreen instructions, which consist of taking a picture of your car (with the license plate visible), and then a separate picture of the odometer. That’s it. Of course, you can also access information like past check-ins, and your profile, which are offered in a navigation menu off to the left of the screen. But there’s really not much of a need to do this, well, ever. It really is that easy. SIGNING UP The sign-up process is simple and straightforward. You can sign up using an email address, or you can opt to sign up using your Google sign-in info. I went with the latter, because it make