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FINAL UPDATE: Vostey Leather Men's Fashion Sneakers (

This review updated with final information. Original review below; added comments have been italicized. Pretty sleek-looking shoes, especially for the price. UPDATE (9/26/20): I actually put this update off for a little while, but back in August, these things completely exploded while I was moving a heavy item at work. That means I got about five months of use out of these as my main shoe, using them in virtually all situations, from work to play.  Shoe explosion. NOTE: I purchased these back in January, 2020, when they were $19.99. They have since almost doubled in price, going up to $32.99. This review is relative to a $20 price tag; it's up to you to decide if you think the added cost is worth it. Also, it's worth noting that they do come with a box, too; I just already threw mine out. In a recent previous review, I took a look at a canvas pair of Vostey shoes that I purchased at the same time, which ripped about the tenth time I put them on. In other words, they sucke

Vostey Men's Canvas Sneakers (Amazon)

Poor lighting and rips aside, these actually look pretty good right out of the box. NOTE: I purchased these back in January, 2020, when they retailed for $16.99. They've since made the jump to $22.99 (as of April, 2020); this review assumes a purchase price of $16.99. It's up to you to decide if they're worth the jump in price. Hint: They're not. I never, ever buy myself shoes, instead relying on family to get some for me during Christmas or birthdays (or waiting for my wife to just break down and get me a pair once my current pair has completely fallen apart), but one day I finally relented. I was on Amazon, found some pairs for under $30 (always a good price point for me), and had a few gift cards to burn that I earned from GPT sites and receipt apps. Technically, it wasn't on my dime, but it was on my time, which is close enough; I can't recall the last time I spent money on clothing for myself in a non thrift-store setting I actually bought two pa