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Vivello Mango Moscato (Aldi)

A refreshing summertime beverage. Summertime really brings out the best in Aldi’s alcohol selections, though I guess that statement could really apply anywhere, given my taste for sweet things, with summer being the main season where sweet drinks are always accepted.  So when I saw that they would be offering a mango Moscato via their ad, my wife and I knew we’d be jumping all over that. And jump over it we did, picking it up a day or two after it was made available.  I was relieved to see that it has a twist-off top…old-fashioneds and wine connoisseurs will no doubt laugh in my face for this, but I hate the unpredictability of corks.  Even with those fancy cork removers that prevent the cork from shooting anywhere, I still get nervous trying to pull one off; I trace this back to my younger years, when I idiotically removed a cork with my hands covering the top, allowing it to shoot directly in my palm.  Even though the lasting damage was little more than a few minutes of stingin