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Ultimato's Cheese Calzone (Aldi)

These should be available all the time. Aaaah, the calzone, that wonderful breaded concoction that no one ever seems to talk about or actually eat. I dunno, maybe it's just where I grew up, but I never even tried one until a few year's back, and I still can't bring myself to actually order one from a pizza place, because they have, you And who would rather have a calzone than a pizza? Hell, I don't even think I've ever seen anyone else eat one, no matter where I've's almost like the redheaded stepchild of the pizza industry. Recently, however, I have been indulging a bit more in Mama Cozzi's calzones, which are fairly inexpensive, semi-filling, and tasty as a quick bite when no one feels like making anything. However, as I noted in those reviews, they are lacking a noticeable amount of pizza sauce inside, making them somewhat bland if you don't happen to have a dipping sauce nearby. And that's when I saw the weekly a