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Tweaker Sour Apple Energy Shot (Various)

When they say "sour", they mean sour! I’ve previously reviewed two other flavors in the Tweaker line, and happened to have this flavor recommended to me by Amazon’s website, who must have deduced through an algorithm that I was in some serious need of energy shots. Since it happened to be eligible for next day Prime shipping, I threw an order through for these without a single moment’s worth of hesitation. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! As I mentioned in my other Tweaker reviews, I was getting these occasionally as a last-second replacement for other energy shot brands, from a Circle K down the street. While the $1.99 price tag is quite a bit more than similar products from Aldi (and Dollar Tree), it’s not at all bad for a convenience store, which are known for hiking prices up to absurd extremes, all in the name of...well, convenience. I mean, you’re looking at the type of place that charges a markup on top of retail prices a perfect world,

Tweaker Energy Shots: Berry & Grape (Various)

If you wish energy shots were more sour, these are for you. I was stuck in a Circle K one day, looking for a budget-minded way to get my caffeine fix on. And as virtually anyone can tell you, gas station convenience stores aren’t exactly the best places for that. They had the usual suspects in the fridge, with lots of name brands marked up a little higher than their already-high retail markups, but I was secretly hoping they would have some cheap energy shots - a longshot, I know. Well, imagine my surprise when my eyes stumbled on a bottle of Tweaker energy. I had never heard of it before, but the attention-grabbing orange sticker affixed to the top with “$1.99” printed on it told me everything I was wondering. Now, to be perfectly honest, $2 for a 2 oz. shot isn’t really all that great, with other stores offering up the same size for around half the cost. (Or, in the case of Dollar Tree’s double shots, four times as much for half the price.) But, it’s a pretty solid find for one insi