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Sunny Farm Mixed Fruit in Black Cherry Gel Fruit Cups (Dollar Tree)

It's edible, which means it's better than I thought it would be. Aaaah, fruit and gel bowls. For some reason, they used to be one of my favorite snacks to have in the house, but high prices for the name brand forced me to give that up. Then, when Aldi started carrying them a few years back, I jumped on the chance to try one...and was vastly disappointed. It was atrocious. They've gotten a lot better since, but just that history is enough to make me never even think to get them when I'm there. Enter Dollar Tree, the foremost purveyor of fine, inexpensive foods. Actually, most of the edible stuff I've gotten from there has been pretty terrible, and the thought of getting something even Aldi had troubles with made me twice as nervous. But what kind of reviewer would I be if I refused to try things, or let personal preferences get in the way? Actually, I was very, very apprehensive about trying it, especially when I saw that you get three cups for only $1. Thirty three