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Kroger Black Cherry Fitness Drink Mix Sticks (Kroger)

It's decent. As is usually the case, I was already at Kroger (where my wife, inexplicably, actually enjoys shopping) when I wanted some kind of magical powder to give water some actual taste. And this here is the only reason that I sometimes don’t mind going elsewhere: variety. I don’t need a thousand of one kind of thing like supermarkets seem to “pride” themselves on, but when I’ve tried pretty much all of Aldi’s offerings, sometimes it’s nice to see what kinds of products other store brands are offering these days. Surprisingly, I came to discover that Kroger has quite a decent selection of powdered drink mixes for being such a shitty store, and after perusing the aisle for a couple of minutes, I finally settled on this black cherry flavored fitness powder. Was I going to be active enough to justify getting a “fitness” themed powder? I wasn’t planning on it, but I wanted something that was a little different than the standard “fruit punch” and “lemonade” flavors, and o

Aftershock Red Sugar Free Energy Drink (Big Lots)

A solid energy drink, though I also got a four-pack for $1.20, which always helps... As most shoppers of Big Lots can attest, it can be feast for famine when it comes to certain products; sometimes they have them, and other times they don’t. Beyond that, even if they have a certain kind of item, they might not always have a good brand, or an affordable option; I don’t think there is any one aisle in the store where this theory is more apparent than the drink aisle. And, drilling the list down to even further specifics, energy drinks. Unlike other things within their stores, there are no specific energy drinks that Big Lots carries in stock at all times. So if they haven’t had a buyout recently, then there’s generally very few (if any) to pick from. Ditto this if they receive in particularly good deals; I don’t seem to be the only one that frequently eyes Big Lots for my energy drink needs, because most brands don’t seem to last much longer than a couple of weeks. Well, my local

Rip It Tribute Active Mandarin Lime Sugar Free Energy Drink (Dollar Tree/Various)

Because nothing is more patriotic than using troops and the idea of war to sell a canned beverage. Thanks mainly to a bad batch of Rip-Its that I bought once from a local general store (they were well within their expiration date, but straight-up tasted like mold), along with some rather uninspired flavors, I have gradually found myself starting to hate the brand as a whole. And this is despite their affordable dollar price-point, which is even more appetizing considering a lot of energy drinks are way overpriced, so I try to stick with the budget ones. We purchased this at the same convenience store in Tennessee that provided us with Spider Berry Bite energy drink (also for a dollar; see review here ) - overall, they had more Rip-It flavors than I had ever seen before. A lot of them looked pretty lackluster and uninteresting, which honestly makes my apparent choice even more baffling: out of all of the cans that they had to offer, why in the hell did I pick the camo can? That most

No Fear Sugar Free Super Energy Supplement (Big Lots)

Misleading title: I was still terrified of heights after drinking a can. Unlike other products that are generally “one and done”, these seem to pop up from time to time at Big Lots stores. I generally avoid them, mainly because the tacky “edgy” graphics are annoying and don’t appeal to me whatsoever, but our local store had been out of energy drinks the last few times I’d gone, and so I felt like I had some making up to do. Even before I bought one, I was faced with one of my biggest pet peeves: Packaging that gives you no clue as to what the hell the product inside is supposed to taste like. Sorry, but I don’t think a lack of fear has a default flavor, so I hate not knowing what to expect going in. Normally, I just assume it’s going to be a standard energy drink flavor, but oftentimes that isn’t the case. Is it really that hard to summarize the taste SOMEWHERE on the packaging? I’ve noticed this seems to happen with a lot of Big Lots beverages, and I’m wondering if that’s one of

Rip It Citrus X Sugar Free Energy Fuel (Dollar Tree)

A sugar free energy drink that surprisingly isn't disgusting. I quite like Rip Its' energy drink line--you can’t go all that wrong with 16 oz. energy drinks for a mere buck, especially when the name brands tend to be around twice that much.  On the other hand, as I stated in my previous review (see above), I am not at all a fan of diet energy drinks--while they seem to give the same amount of energy as the “full” ones do, it’s often with the trade-offs of muted flavors and metallic aftertastes, two things I can’t stand. So imagine my disappointment when I made a return trip to my local Dollar Tree, where I had just purchased a regular version of Citrus X not thirty days prior, only to discover that they had been replaced with a sugar-free, no calories or carbs version.   Great.  Still, it being one of only two options (the other being the already-reviewed Rip-It Power), I sucked it up and bought one anyway. The original Rip-It Citrus X tastes like a really fake