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St. Gisbertus Halloween Sweet Red (Aldi)

Aside from the cool label, I don't get what makes this a "Halloween" wine at all... Wine is not my forte…generally, the only time I drink it is when I want to get a good buzz on, and there’s nothing else in the house. For that purpose, I can force any kind of wine down…even the dry ones that taste, to me anyway, like they are made out of fermented rubbing alcohol instead of grapes. But every once in a while, I like to enjoy my wine, and there is no better way to get me to give one a go than to have the word “sweet” on the label. If “Halloween” happens to be on there, then it’s pretty much a guaranteed purchase. And when said concoction is just $5.99 (in Ohio, and a dollar cheaper in just about every other Midwest state) then please, just take my money. And that is the story of how I ended up with this bottle of wine, available as a Special Buy just in time for the Halloween season, from my local Aldi store. The one thing I did not take into consideration during th