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Sobisk Peanut Butter Breakfast Sandwich Biscuits (Dollar Tree)

Wow...DT really defies the odds with this one. This product was involved in a mystery at our home: The day I brought these home, I went to get something out of the freezer, and saw this box sitting in there. My first reaction was that I probably did it, because I’m known for doing brainless things, but on this occasion, I specifically remember my wife being the last one to touch it: she took it out of the bag before exclaiming how much our four-year-old son would enjoy them. It was after this that I saw them sitting in there. I started to take them out, but then remembered that my wife is one of those people who like to freeze candy bars and other random objects because she likes what it does to the taste, or texture (depending on the item). I figured this was just another one of her little quirks, and put it back in the freezer. They sat in there, untouched, for almost a week, before she sees them in there, and immediately accuses me of doing it. Uh oh, the plot thickens! So who was

Sobisk Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits (Dollar Tree)

These have a weird taste that can best be described as "sinister". I had actually just reviewed the Aldi brand version of these not too long ago, when I saw this similar product on the shelves of a Dollar Tree store. Could these possibly stack up to the name brands, for just $1? While mathematically, it was a possibility (you do get fewer biscuits here for the money), I still never really have high hopes for Dollar Tree foods. Nevertheless, all I had to lose was $1, so I figured why not give them a chance? Each packet of these contain 2 blueberry biscuits, which are about the same size as the national brand. I was kind of confused at first, because while the packaging clearly states that there are 6 packs inside, it didn’t specify just how many biscuits were in each one. Armed with this knowledge, we now know your hard-earned dollar gets you 12 total biscuits, which is less than the 24 you get with the “full-sized” name brands, and putting a dent in the value depart