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Simply Nature Kids Apple Multi-Fruit Squeezable Fruit Blend (Aldi)

Pretty good, though there are much better values to be had. We also took a look at the delicious Apple Banana squeezie in the past, now let's see just how their other flavor stacks up. This one is the more mysterious “Apple Multi-Fruit”, though it only takes a quick glance at the ingredients to see it's comprised of apple, banana, mango, strawberry, and passion fruit. So presumably, it's like a tropical punch of sorts. Like the other variety, this one is available at checkout counters in single quantities, as sort of an impulse buy for healthy parents. Yep, there really are a lot of flavors at work here, and it does have a fruit punch-y finish after the initial apple flavor. Normally, I'm huge into fruit punches, but I think I actually prefer the simplicity of the plain Apple Banana to this one. This one just feels like there's too much going on, and while the taste is still very good, a lot of the flavors just blend into one another, with no clear distinct

Simply Nature Kids Apple Sweet Potato and Blueberry Squeezable Pouch

A delicious product for kids and parents alike! For some reason, I've been drawn more and more to kids products lately (it's either because we have one, or because I've always been predisposed to think like a child). Now, it's gotten to the point where I get excited seeing a new kind yogurt tube, or kids juice in the weekly Aldi ad. This “kid fever” has also spread to my wife, as we both tend to try all of the various juices and snacks that we give our son. It's a good way to know specifically what kind of flavors he likes, but mainly I just like stealing his stuff because most of it is sweet and delicious and tastes like innocence. Enough about our oddities: we have a review to focus on. And today it's Simply Nature Kids' Apple, Sweet Potato, and Blueberry Squeezie, a kind of pulp-like smoothie that is marketed toward kids, but would also be a great option for older babies. It has almost the exact same consistency as applesauce, and each 3.2 oz. pouc

Simply Nature Kids Fruit-ariffic Punch Organic Juice Drink (Aldi)

Not for children: Tastes like it's all water, with barely any juice. In case it's not obvious how much of a child I am, I have wanted to try a good number of the items in the Simply Nature Kids line, but have yet to do so. All of their products seem really “fun”, at least in the way advertisements make children's food products seem “hip” and “cool”, even though all you do is eat them, which isn't fun at all. The packaging is also adorable, sticking to a simple color scheme, while not going overboard on the cutesy designs (for example, the bottle to the Fruit-ariffic Punch features a real picture of strawberries, grapes, and watermelon, complete with drawn-on faces and appendages on a couple of them). I'm honestly unsure of why I have never tried anything, despite always taking an interest in the kids items that are available. A few things have been a little too expensive for me, and of course there have been a couple that just didn't appeal to my tastes,

Simply Nature Kids Berry-Licious Lemonade Organic Juice Drink (Aldi)

Juice? Tastes like this is at least 90% water. Well, we're back with a SimplyNature Kids organic juice product, and if you read my review of the Fruitastic Fruit Punch, you pretty much know what to expect this time around. Once again, this is basically a severely watered-down juice product that I can't see any kid enjoying. The taste is very, very light, and there's virtually no detectable sweetness. Despite all this, though, I will say that I found this one to be better than the fruit punch, because the lightness benefits this one a little more. Whereas fruit punch is one of my favorite flavors, and should also be—as the name suggests—a collection of powerful-tasting fruit juices, lemonade can sometimes be a little too sour or tangy when full strength. Since the flavor is weaker, this prevents that from ever being an issue. The berries unfortunately also suffer the same fate, and although I would have liked for those to taste much stronger, there's really noth