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SELLERS' SPOT: An In-Depth Look at eCrater: The Minimalist, Archaic, Under-the-Radar Marketplace That No One's Ever Heard Of

  In many online lists of favorite marketplaces, eCrater always seems to end up in the middle of the pack, if they even make the list at all. It’s a very under-the-radar kind of place that many seem to either hate or like, with no middle ground. Its claim to fame are its fees, which range anywhere from 0% to 12.9%, though a mere 2.9% is all that’s required to get your items into Google Shopping. Well, we got a long one ahead, so buckle yourselves in and let’s get started, shall we? SITE SETUP & NAVIGATION This is the main page?! Oh Jesus... The design of the site, honestly, is pretty lackluster in appearance and super-straightforward. I’ve been selling there off and on since around 2008 and I don’t recall any site overhauls, either major or minor, during that time. This can be a turnoff for some, as the antiquated seller dashboard no doubt will be, which offer very little in the way of modern amenities (an example: eCrater just starting offering support for very basic promo codes i

SELLERS' SPOT: An App That Should Be More Well-Known Among Small- to Medium-Scale Sellers: An In-Depth Review of Classadlister (App)

NOTE: This review was originally posted on a separate blog I had a couple of years back, which has since folded. It is being reposted here, as part of a small series on third-party marketplaces, as many readers may sell items themselves, or be interested in starting. And what could be more budget-minded than earning some extra money?! Also, this app was reviewed on our radio show! If you'd rather listen to me ramble on about it in audio form, rather than read my ramblings via text, click here . Unfairly ignored. DISCLAIMER: Based on my love for this app, which I stumbled upon on my own, I did reach out to the developer, and briefly assisted with creating the Classadlister support forums (since defunct) about two years ago; I was neither paid nor reimbursed in any way for my time nor was I ever asked to write a review for it. In fact, the developer was never aware of this blog, or that I even posted it at all. --- Since I only sell part-time, I initially figured that I didn’t need t