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Savoritz Four Cheese Parmesan Crisps (Aldi)

Warning: may replace your heroin addiction. Usually I give some semi-long, rambling build-up to the actual review. This is used to "create suspense", I suppose, but also to feel like I’m actually doing work and accomplishing something, as it would only take me 10 or so minutes to type up just the review part. And I feel like you guys deserve more than just a half-assed effort.  But you know what? I'm going to jump into this one by foregoing all that additional BS and just exclaim right off the bat that these are incredible. You know when you’re cooking (or in my case, when my wife is cooking) something with lots of cheese, and some of that cheese falls over the edge onto the cookie sheet, and turns into a blacked, crispy mess? Do you know the incredible taste of those? Well that’s about what these are: an entire bag of circular, crunchy spheres made up entirely of crunchy clusters of cheese, only without the burnt taste (which I actually happen to like, but to each their

Savoritz Original Clubhouse Crackers (Aldi)

Buttery as all hell, and melt-in-your mouth good! It’s kind of an odd thing, but aside from the baked cheddar kind, we don’t buy crackers very often. Especially given the amount of cheese we plow through in a typical year, which we tend to put on toasted breads, or just eat by themselves, right out of the package. This time, however, we put crackers on our grocery list, with the plan of them accompanying either tuna (a delicious and very simple snack), or one (or more) of our beloved cheeses. I made the mistake of letting my wife choose the crackers, and was dismayed to find that she picked up a box of Savoritz Clubhouse Crackers. That’s not to say that these are bad--quite the contrary, these are fantastic--but everyone knows that tuna goes better with the grainy stuff; ditto for most cheeses. One thing these crackers do go perfect with though, are cheese spreads, and we happened to have some that was a part of a meat and cheese Christmas gift that my grandmother sent to us. Sur

Savoritz Reduced Fat Cheese Baked Snack Crackers (Aldi)

Almost just as good as the "real" thing, and with 40% less fat.  Savoritz's regular version of the popular cheese cracker is one of my favorite buys at Aldi: it's a spot-on replica of the national brand, and one of those things that are too affordable, making it way tougher than it should be to walk by them without buying them. I kept seeing the “reduced fat” version they always carry and was interested to try it, but for whatever reason I just didn't. Then that great wife of mine reminded me about their existence by pointing them out during a shopping trip, and urged me to get them. Since my motto is “there's no time like the present”, I decided to stop putting it off, and picked up a box. Honestly, I think part of it is just a mental block, because I don't quite feel like these are as addicting as the regular kind, despite tasting almost exactly the same. I haven't analyzed the boxes or nutrition labels to tell what's different betwee

Savoritz White Cheddar Cheese Baked Snack Crackers (Aldi)

Fantastic. I’m usually pretty privy to the items that Aldi carries on a weekly basis. I always read the weekly ad (the only company I do that for), and I generally take time to peruse the lists of what’s new in their stores, and once in a while, their new low prices. So it’s not often that I’m caught off guard by a particular offering. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t completely blindsided by Savoritz White Cheddar Cheese Crackers. I’ve championed the regular cheddar ones in a previous review, which they have carried for years, but have never seen the white cheddar kind being offered at any of their stores. Since it’s my wife’s favorite kind of the national brand, and one I haven’t tried for years, we picked up a box to see what it was all about. My last memory of eating the name brand white cheddar cheese crackers was about twenty-years ago. I was a fourth grader (if memory serves me correctly), and I was trying out for a pee-wee football team. I hated every minute of it--t

Savoritz Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers (Aldi)

Any guesses as to what product this may be knocking off? If you are a fan of the national brand, and chances are you can tell exactly what product this is emulating simply by looking at the box, go out and buy some, because these are every bit as addicting as the “original“, and for at least a dollar less per box. I had my reservations the first time I grabbed Savoritz’ Cheese Baked Crackers from Aldi…who wouldn’t?  After all, the product on which it is based is a nearly perfect snack, with a nice, satisfying crunch, and a delicious cheese powder that leaves you coming back for more.  The margin for error was such that I thought there was no way that these could compare. Everything here is just about perfectly emulated, even down to the national brands’ sole flaw (at least in my eyes) of being pretty darn salty.  Don’t get me wrong, it never stopped me from shoving these down my gullet by the handful, but it’s something that you notice, especially the longer the snacking sessi