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Red Rain Downpour (Cherry Limeade) Energy Drink (Big Lots)

Meh. Though it’s probably not the best idea, I’ve been getting back into energy drinks lately.  I used to drink them all the time (well, one a day), but then started getting heart palpitations.  Then, I noticed I was drinking so many that they stopped giving me any form of energy whatsoever, so that made the decision to give them up for good pretty easy. But that was about five years ago.  Since that time, I’ve cut back on overall caffeine consumption immensely, going from at least one soda a day to maybe one a week, on average.  I had been using my hour lunch at work to take naps (did that for the better part of seven years), but between waking up very groggy more often than not, and trying to be more productive, I figured that I’d just drink some for a month or so, just to help me stay awake; as weird as it sounds, quitting seven years of almost daily naps isn’t easy to quit cold-turkey. Due to my now low tolerance for caffeine, I’ve found that a full 16 oz. can of most energy