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A Slow-Slog Receipt App With a Huge Hidden Upside: An In-Depth Look at Fetch Rewards

NOTE: This app was also reviewed on our radio show! If you'd rather listen than read, click here . WHAT IS IT? Fetch Rewards is another entry in the seemingly-growing list of receipt-scanning apps, and is yet another one with a focus on grocery receipts. What sets it apart from many others of its ilk is that you don’t have to search through digital coupons and “add” your offers before you scan like some of their competitors…with Fetch, simply scan and upload your receipt and the app will automatically find and apply all applicable discounts. It couldn’t be any easier! But is it worth it? Let’s find out… INTERFACE/NAVIGATION The interface is very simple and straightforward—and made even moreso by the lack of a need to really do any prepwork beforehand. If all you’re looking to do is upload receipts, it can be accessed via an orange camera button from the main page, although you can also scroll through all the available offers if you want to plan your shopping trip around

Make (Very Little) Money Off Your Receipts! An In-Depth Look at Receipt Hog (Digital App)

WHAT IS IT? Receipt Hog is one of an ever-growing number of apps that pay people to upload their receipts in exchange for “coins”, which can then be cashed out for actual cash once a certain amount is reached. Unlike Ibotta, which only gives cash back on certain items—which you have to seek out and “add” before you upload the receipt—Receipt Hog rewards you for the whole receipt: just upload it and you're done! It's available for both Apple and Android users from their respective app stores; there is currently no PC functionality, which is actually the norm for this type of app. INTERFACE/NAVIGATION Navigating the Receipt Hog app is pretty straightforward: The main screen gives you the amount of coins you have accrued and also keeps track of your monthly bonuses—the more consecutive weeks within a month that you upload at least one receipt, the more bonus spins you're awarded on the slot machine (more on this below). The main dashboard, which has all of your o