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PurAqua Black Raspberry Sparkling Frost Sparkling Water Beverage (Aldi)

Purple when full, and a pretty tasty beverage, especially considering its price. Having just tried PurAqua’s Orange Mango Sparkling Frost, I was ready to toss in the towel on this one before I even tried it.  But I had already bought it, it was taking up valuable space in my pantry, and so there was really no reason not to drink it.  So eventually I just sucked it up, and figured that no matter how bad it would turn out to be, there was a very good chance that I've had worse.  That’s not too reassuring when that’s the mindset you go into when trying a beverage for the first time! But on the other hand, that can also work to its benefit, because expectations are so low that, as long as you don’t hate it, it pretty much exceeds expectations and can be considered a victory.  Well I’ve got to say that not only is this not gross, but this is a drink that I would gladly get again. For starters, even though this is also a zero-calorie drink, it doesn’t have that disgusting bitt

PurAqua Orange Mango Sparkling Frost Sparkling Water Beverage (Aldi)

Bright orange when full, a letdown when consumed. My wife had given these a go a little while ago, and dismissed them as being “too sweet”, which is actually what drew me to them.  I was also intrigued by the “sparkling” aspect of these--I don’t drink much soda these days, but am always open to the occasional soda substitute, and thought maybe this would satisfy me.  Even better: these things retail for a scant $.69, which honestly puts them in “you have nothing to lose” territory (though, to be fair, technically all of their products fall into that category, thanks to Aldi’s money-back guarantee), so I grabbed two out of the three flavors--I had to omit the “pink grapefruit” because I’m on cholesterol medicine that reacts to said fruit, and while I’ve broken that rule for a previous review, I don’t like to do it at all. First we’re going to be taking a look at the Orange Mango, whose bright orange glow makes it look delicious and refreshing.  I must admit, once again, that

PurAqua White Grape Sparkling Water (Aldi)

Meh...not much to get excited about inside this bottle. I think I might have mentioned this before in a previous review, but I hate water.  I absolutely abhor it.  I drink it, simply because of the little fact that I will die if I don’t get it, but unless I’m dripping sweat, I literally have to force it down.  Literally.  My body cringes just thinking about it.  Sometimes I like to put in the little flavor packets, but I’m sure those have so many chemicals in them that they’re probably bad for me, so I keep that to a minimum. Another thing I rarely buy is the flavored sparkling water.  I’m not talking the bitter stuff that tastes like someone just put a teaspoon of actual fruit juice inside a large container of sparkling water.  That stuff is even worse than normal water.  I’m talking the artificially sweet, completely artificially-flavored, calorie- and vitamin-free sparkling water.  Even though I don’t buy them very often, I really enjoy them, and at 59 cents for a 33.8 oz bottle

PurAqua N2 Lemon Lime Flavored Low-Calorie Sports Drink (Aldi)

An empty bottle of N2 Lemon Lime. Here we have  Puraqua's N2   Lemon Lime  sports drink.  The "N" in this case stands for "infuse", which is the name of Aldi's sports drink line.  The "N2" is obviously a nod/rip-off of Gatorade's G2 products, which aim to capture all the flavor of regular Gatorade with far fewer calories.  But how does N2 stack up against its national brand namesake? I do a lot of shopping at Aldi, but there are certain things I will buy at other stores if I happen to be in there, and see them on sale.  Soda is one of them, as Aldi's Summit soda line is rather lacking in certain areas (namely their Sprite and Mountain Dew knockoffs, which don't taste anything like either, and don't even taste good on their own terms).  However, sports drinks are one thing that I refuse to buy anywhere else.  Actually, I just lied, because I do enjoy the rare taste of an All Sport every now and again when I stumble across them