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Pueblo Lindo Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie (Aldi)

Dee-licious. At the risk of sounding racist, I always get nervous when I see authentic Mexican products on supermarket shelves, and the same rules apply when Aldi rolled out a small collection of products under the Pueblo Lindo label to their permanent inventory.  Relax, the reason has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with taste: for being in such close proximity to each other, it's amazing how flavors can vary wildly from culture-to-culture, border-to-border.  I remember eagerly digging in to a Mexican soda a few years back, expecting it to taste similar to an American one, only to be sorely disappointed.  And that was the exact moment that now makes me cringe every time I see an actual product of Mexico sold in stores. But I'm of the idea that (almost) everything deserves a second chance, and this was no different: Was it right of me to gauge an entire country's offerings off just one item?  Probably not.  So when I literally happened to stumble on Pueblo Lin

Pueblo Lindo Rice Pudding (Aldi)

Same as the Senor Rico rice pudding, only with a private label name. Prior to trying Senor Rico's rice pudding, I had never tried that particular dessert before.  Well, maybe I’ve tried a couple spoonfuls at some point in my life, but it wasn’t enough to have any sort of profound effect on me; when I saw Aldi started carrying it at their stores, I shrugged and went on about my day.  My wife, on the other hand, is a huge fan of just about any kind of pudding (chocolate, rice, bread, etc.), and jumped at the chance to try it.  I will say, it was her extremely positive reaction to taking her first bite that initially piqued my interest; I tried a bite myself, likened the texture to tapioca pudding (ironically, one of the few puddings my wife has never tried) and that was that. A couple weeks later, after sending her to purchase just a couple things from Aldi, she of course came back with a bag full of extra things that were not requested: chief among them, were several more