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Private Selection Aged Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips (Kroger)

$3 for "average" just doesn't cut it. It’s no secret that I enjoy a good sour cream and cheddar chip. Well, I guess I enjoy pretty much all sour cream and cheddar chips…save for one brand, who shall remain nameless. It’s just one of those classic combinations, which is why every chip company seems required to have it in their roster. I was perusing the selection at Kroger, desperate to find something on sale, but was coming up with nothing that looked good. Then, among the Private Selection options, which seem to be entirely made up of regional barbecue variations, I saw it…an aged cheddar and sour cream blend. It was a little pricey, at $2.99, but it was the only thing that looked good, so I set aside my price hesitations and went for it. May I remind you (or inform you, if you are unfamiliar with my growing body of work) that Big Lots has one of my favorite cheddar and sour cream chips, and this set me up for something similar. However, it’s nothing like it at

Private Selection Texas Barbecue Potato Chips (Kroger)

A pretty decent chip. Well here we are again, right back at it with another chip review! This time, we’ll be taking a look at Private Selection’s Texas BBQ chips, one of the many regional-themed barbecue chips offered up by Kroger’s hit-or-miss private label line. I’ve never been to Texas, so I can’t vouch for the authenticity (which, let’s be honest here, wouldn’t be best suited for a chip in the first place), but this is a pretty tasty little chip, with a strong vinegar taste giving way to some barbecue-infused sweetness. It all leads to a slight smoky finish in the back of the tongue. The more and more you eat, however, the vinegar becomes the most pronounced flavor, so unless you’re a fan of salt and vinegar chips, I would probably stay away from these. I’ve grown to like salt and vinegar as a combo (at least, in moderate amounts) so I enjoyed the taste to some degree, but it’s too sour for me to pick them up more than once in a while. The biggest “win” for me, and this pre