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Priano Single-Serve Vegetable Lasagna (Aldi)

A great frozen meal. I was in a bind, and desperate for something to eat for dinner one evening, when I decided to run to Aldi to pick up something quick, cheap, and easy. My wife was going to be gone for most of the evening, so I just needed enough food for me. I thought about my usual fallback options--macaroni and cheese, a pizza of some sort, or a bag of chicken nuggets--but none of those things seemed enough to satiate my hunger. After a little bit of looking, my eyes settled on this Priano Vegetable Lasagna. The fact it was “marked down” (from $2.29 to $1.89…amazing how encouraging forty cents off can be) sealed the deal and I grabbed this and headed home. Well in a bizarre turn of events, I ended up eating something else as a snack, and then we made a surprise ice cream run, which further filled me up. All of a sudden, this once delicious-looking lasagna just didn’t look appetizing to me at all…and neither did anything else. I was pretty stuffed. I decided to just make it my lun

Priano Eggplant Parmigiana (Aldi)

The product that made me believe in eggplant. I have never liked eggplant parmesan.  I remember trying it as a kid, because my mom loved it, and being absolutely repulsed by it.  I’ve also had other eggplant dishes between then and now, and have never really cared for them.  I’ve grown to not hate them as much, mind you, yet I still wouldn’t consider myself a fan of eggplant at all. But I’m also married, and my significant other, who has recently gone full vegetarian, absolutely loves the stuff.  Because of this, I knew from the moment I saw in their circular that they would be offering a frozen eggplant parmesan, that I would have to take one for the team, and give it a shot.  Sealing the deal was the rather miniscule asking price of $5.99, for a family-size dish that weighs well over a pound...not a bad trade-off there at all.  I figured since she cooks for me quite often, the least I could do would be to suck it up, and let her eat something she loved, while I gagged my way through

Priano Roasted Garlic and Cheese Risotto (Aldi)

Proof that some amazing things can come out of a box. I’ve had risotto once in my life; ironically, it was at a fancy restaurant that specialized in “small plates”, and their risotto (bacon risotto with an egg cooked exactly to 62 ½ degrees) was ironically one of their most popular dishes. I figured that would be as good a way as any to get my first taste, so I plunked down $11 for the right to try it. It was easily the worst plate of the evening. But since that was my first try, I thought that maybe I just wasn’t into risotto. This prejudice toward the food continued when my wife informed me she was buying a box of Priano’s Garlic and Cheese Risotto, an Italian Special Buy at Aldi stores. I merely scoffed, told her that risotto sucked, and that it was a waste of money, and then we continued our shopping trip, never speaking about it again. Flash forward to about a week later, when my wife informed me while I was at work that she had made it--and that it was incredible. Again,