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Essence-C Vitamin C Powder Blend (Aldi)

Why does this packaging look like it was designed in the '70s? I know the FDA won’t admit it one way or the other, but I happen to feel like the national brand “vitamin C” powder really does help the body in times of need; maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but there have been at least a couple situations where I was certain I was going to get a bad cold, or other sickness, only to have it virtually disappear within 24 hours. I’m definitely not saying it’s a cure-all for everything, nor would I take it daily as a vitamin supplement (which I think is supposed to be its main use), but for the occasional body boost, I swear it works, at least to some extent. That being said, the national brand is expensive as hell, with most private label pharmacy brands just as high. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try Aldi’s take on it, which goes under the absolutely embarrassing moniker “Essence C”. Why? Why even have that terrible name? Why even add the unnecessary “C” at the end, which not

Assured Pregnancy Test (Dollar Tree)

Unless you need to know the moment a consumer-grade test can tell you, these are a great value. I recently reviewed Dollar Tree’s personal lubricant, so naturally, let’s take a look at what you can expect to need a couple of months after that: a pregnancy test. But typical tests are ridiculously expensive, despite all being designed largely the same, and made of pretty much the same (plastic) materials. So are the name brand tests that much more accurate to justify the 10x price hike? Not at all. We’ll set the stage somewhere around March, 2016. My wife felt like she might be pregnant, but considering I was strongly anti-kids and she didn’t want any either, wanted to ignore the possibility as long as possible. When the feelings not only didn’t go away, but got even stronger, that’s when she knew she had to be sure; like any budget-minded gal, she decided to grab a dollar store test first, just to confirm (or, in this case, hopefully deny) her suspicions. Long story short, he