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Pepero White Chocolate Cookie and Biscuit (Dollar Tree)

These are pretty good for the price.  “Korea No. 1 Brand”, the packaging declares, as if trying to prove via a blatant grammatical error that it is, in fact, a Korean export. At any rate, these are a knockoff of the popular “biscuits dipped in white chocolate with cookie bits” brand, whose name escapes me at the moment. (Whatever they’re called, they should be called Poco’s...that’s a good name for a biscuit.) Anyway, you get a decent amount of product for the $1 price tag: our box came with about seven or eight delicious biscuits. The “biscuits” here are pretty thick, and also rather long, so each one is a decent-sized will still take two or three to fill a typical craving, but I feel like they’re a bit bigger than other brands. The chocolate/cookie coating generously takes up about 85% or so of the entire biscuit, leaving just one small section uncovered at the bottom, presumably where you’re supposed to handle it while you’re devouring it. It’s like a dessert on a stick,