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Get Paid Pennies for Your Data: An In-Depth Review of Invisibly (Beta App)

WHAT IS IT? Are you sick of companies stealing your data and privacy, and leaving you with nothing to show for it? Invisibly is a brand new program (still in beta) that endeavors to pay you for the data it collects, via your own voluntary actions. INTERFACE/NAVIGATION Here's your'll be spending most of your time here. To its credit, using Invisibly is remarkably simple. After signing up, you are then taken to your “feed”, which consists of movies, food recipes, articles, and other categories based on interests you select. At its core, it’s basically another social media site, only you’re inundated with ads and (presumably) paid content instead of rambling posts from your friends about how liberals are ruining America. There are no users you can follow, or really anything else you can do, besides “like”, “dislike” and “save” posts to read for later. The UI is much cleaner than other social media sites, since other people can’t post to your wall (or vice versa), s