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UPDATE #2: A Great Idea With Room for Improvement In Execution: An In-Depth Look at GetUpside (App)

NOTE: This app was reviewed on our radio show! If you'd rather listen than read, click here . UPDATE #2 (6/11/20): Following the issues highlighted in the previous updated review, I cashed out my balance and was just about to be done with the app forever...and then a pending receipt went through almost immediately. Then all, I've had four straight receipts go through with no issues. That's enough for me to re-recommend looking into the app, as the check in issues they claimed to be having seem to have been fixed. For now, at least. UPDATE (4/4/20) : Be careful what you wish for, because even though GetUpside has now gone receiptless, the transitioning process has made it even worse...and with little to no recourse when things inevitably go wrong. WHAT IS IT? A very, very stupidly named app, based out of Washington, D.C, and available for both iOS and Android. I even hate saying it out loud because it’s so dumb…what the hell does it even mean? And, I