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The Most Adorable Free Game Ever Made? An In-Depth Look at Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (Mobile)

WHAT IS IT? Only quite possibly the most adorable mobile game ever made. In it, you lure cats into your backyard using food and toys, and watch them play. That’s about it. So I guess it’s also quite possibly the most pointless game ever made. INTERFACE/NAVIGATION For a game with such limited scope, I’ll admit that navigation can actually be a little confusing at first, what with the multiple menus and all. The paw on the upper left part of the screen will pull up your menu, allowing you to select from multiple options, including “Goodies”, “Shop”, “Cats”, and more. The in-game menu, as Tubbs relaxes from doing what he does best. This is where you’ll spend the bulk of your time, as the “shop” button allows you to purchase new items for use in your yard, the “goodies” button is basically your inventory, and the “cats” button is used to keep track of which kitties have visited, and also allows you to set their profile pic (based on in-game screenshots you’ve taken