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Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Bar (Aldi)

WAY better than you would expect...outstanding chocolate for the price. I have mentioned this before, but for the uninitiated or unaware, Aldi has two main chocolate lines: Choceur, which are their knockoffs of cheaper chocolate brands; and Moser Roth, which is their “premium” line. Moser Roth's chocolate bars look pretty large, and are just $1.99, but take a closer look at the packaging: this is not one large bar but rather five individually wrapped smaller ones. There's still a good amount of chocolate inside, but always figure that's worth noting. They have many different varieties, but most sway toward the “darker” side, and I just can't get into dark chocolate at all. Which makes sense, considering it's the “healthiest” of all the chocolates; I just don't do well with things that are “healthy” (dark beer supposedly has health benefits, but I hate beer; I like wine, but not red wine, which is also supposedly good for you in moderate amounts; water is a

Moser Roth Limited Edition White Cookies Chocolate Cookie Bar (Aldi)

Disappointingly familiar. Oh man, there isn't a descriptor that gets me more excited for dessert than “white chocolate”. I know, I know, it's not technically chocolate, which tends to raise the ire of more advanced choco-snobs, but I like my chocolate sweet (can't stand dark), and white tends to be even sweeter than milk chocolates. My love affair for the Caucasian chocolates began in the '90s, when I was just a wee little guy around the age of ten, upon first sinking my teeth into an Alpine White candy bar (as a side note, is there a candy bar more deserving of a comeback?) This one, though, well let's just say it pretty much tastes exactly like the national brand cookies and cream candy bar. I guess that's not a huge knock, because it's actually one of my favorites in terms of mass-produced bars, but I honestly had much higher hopes for Moser Roth's version, since it tends to be Aldi's premium chocolate line (with Choceur being the “lower-en

Candy Christmas: Moser Roth Fine Milk Chocolate Truffles (Aldi)

We're reviewing the item on the left here. Aldi consistently has some excellent chocolate offerings.  From their Choceur line, which is more akin to Hershey’s in terms of flavor and price-point, to their more exotic Moser Roth line, you generally can’t go wrong with purchasing any of them from your local Aldi store. That certainly holds true with Moser Roth’s Fine Truffles, which are available in both dark and milk chocolate versions.  These are basically knock-offs of Lindt’s Lindor truffles, with a very similar “bag”-style packaging that contains individually-wrapped chocolates inside, but it won’t quite set you back as much as their national-brand counterparts. True to such form, these truffles consist of a ball-shaped, hollow outer shell of chocolate, that gives way to a soft chocolaty center.  Both parts are ridiculously creamy, with the outer shell melting in your mouth almost upon contact, leaving the rich center to do its thing.  One of my only complaints is that th