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Winking Owl Moscato (Aldi)

Couldn't have taken a gaudier pic of this if I tried. Winking Owl has always had a wide variety of wines, but the wife and I were never that interested, because they never offered a Moscato.  My wife will drink other kinds, but never reds, and it seems that Winking Owl’s main offerings were of the red variety.  So despite the cheap price tag, we stayed away.  Well, until I saw in an Aldi ad that they would start carrying a Moscato after all.  Then I was first in line to try it! I’m not sure if my local store was just getting ready for its arrival, or if it was popular right off the bat because the first few times I looked for it, there was a sign there, but no wine in its place.  Finally, after two or three weeks of this, they had a measly three bottles left one morning.  I decided to return later to buy it, when they were down to just two bottles.  Either our store doesn’t get much inventory, or they seem to be blowing off the shelves! Unfortunately here in Ohio, state