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Mister Plumber Drain Opener (Dollar Tree)

If you're not using this, you're paying too much. I was skeptical using Mr. Plumber for the first time a while back to treat a tough clog.  But like everything else in Dollar Tree, I justified it with a simple, “Well if it sucks, it was only a dollar,” which come to think of it, should actually be their motto.  (I can only imagine the number of times per day people use that as a reasoning to try one of their products, but I digress.)  I mean, all the major brands cost upwards of three-to-four times as much, and those prices seem to keep steadily rising, so how was this going to compete? Well let me tell you, this is one of those Dollar Tree staples; a product that works so well, you can just toss the national brands out the window, and never use them again.  It’s one of those excellent products that keeps Dollar Tree on the map, and helps give them the reputation of offering quality products.  To put it plainly, this stuff is phenomenal.  The only time it ever failed m