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Main Street Kitchen Creamy Chicken Rigatoni (Dollar Tree)

Well, this one went against my expectations... I have had three other flavors of Main St. Kitchen’s frozen meals that I’ve come across in Dollar Tree stores, and was pretty much underwhelmed with all of them. Let’s continue that trend with their rigatoni with chicken, shall we? Once again, there’s a generous amount of sauce on the noodles, but I’m not going to be fooled that easily this time…I know chances are it’s thin and will just slide off every time I go to take a bite. I’m also happy to see a strongly reduced broccoli presence as compared to the fettuccine alfredo, although the trade-off to this is the addition of some chicken to the proceedings. There are quite a few bite-sized pieces of meat scattered throughout…just the right amount, if you ask me. Mass-produced frozen chicken can get kinda weird if you dwell on it too much, but since the pieces are smaller, it's easier to force them down without much thought. Tastewise, it’s the same disappointing blandness f

Main Street Kitchen Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli Frozen Entree (Dollar Tree)

If you enjoy eating food for the flavor, pass this right on by. The last time I was in the market for some frozen foods at Dollar Tree, was the first time I laid eyes on Main St. Kitchen: its sleek packaging standing out among the sea of poor-quality meats and other frozen dollar oddities. Now, a month or so later, I was in the market again, looking to grab a quick meal for work. And wouldn’t you know it that they had introduced not one, but two new flavors since then, including this fettuccine alfredo with broccoli, the first and only option I’ve seen from them that completely omits any form of meat whatsoever. How would this one fare? My interest was piqued right off the bat after pulling out the microwaved entree, when I noticed that the sauce is generously spread over the noodles, which look as they should (like fettuccine noodles). There are also quite a few good-sized broccoli chunks spread throughout, making the overall appearance look rather appetizing for a cheap f

Main Street Kitchen White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon (Dollar Tree)

Appealing packaging on a frozen product at a Dollar Tree store? I'll bite... It’s sad, but all you need for a product to stand out at Dollar Tree is to have packaging that doesn’t look like it was designed by a fifth grader, and a brand name that doesn’t sound like it's the result of a translation error: enter this White Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Bacon combo from the bland-but-at-least-American sounding Main Street Kitchen.  My first impression hit me immediately as I saw the otherwise-appealing packaging: Why do companies always feel the need to put bacon in their macaroni and cheese products? I would have been more excited for just a white cheddar mac and cheese, and you would think that would be even cheaper to make. They must have had some leftover bacon at the factory and just decided to throw it in. The cheese sauce is pretty thin and watery, though that could have been because I didn’t let it sit in the microwave for very long after cooking (I was at work, a

Main Street Kitchen Three Cheese Ziti with Meat Sauce (Dollar Tree)

It's not good, but at least it's not offensively bad. Well what do we have here? Why, it's another offering from Main Street Kitchen, a frozen food product made by the conglomerate known as Kraft-Heinz! Just like the last product we reviewed from them (see above), this one is also a dish that could be made without meat, but with meat added. Are there just large mountains of unused meats that they are trying to get rid of in that factory, or what? Anyway, this one is another pasta dish known as ziti, and featuring the aforementioned meat sauce on top. I have to confess that I'm not real familiar with ziti; if memory serves me correctly, the only other time I've had it was at Sbarro's, that depressing “Italian” pizza joint found at virtually every shitty mall across the entire United States. Unsurprisingly, I was pretty underwhelmed then, and I wasn't expecting a frozen entree to really do much to that impression. The first thing I gotta say is that th