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Lunch Buddies Vanilla Pudding Cups (Aldi)

Like finding a long lost friend. As a kid, I never really paid attention to vanilla pudding cups. I mean, why would you, when there’s a perfectly good chocolate version right next to it? (I did do the swirled version, from time to time.) That’s actually a mindset that has stayed with me throughout the years: Outside of ice cream, I rarely eat vanilla anything, preferring chocolate whenever applicable. Hell, even when eating vanilla ice cream I tend to put cookie chunks, or hot fudge on it...anything to prevent just the plain ol' taste of vanilla. Our son used to be the exact opposite of me, favoring vanilla pudding to the chocolate. But then, when he decided—quite literally almost overnight—that he just didn’t like vanilla pudding anymore, someone needed to step up to the plate to make sure the entire 4-pack wouldn’t go to waste. It took a lot of arguing back and forth with myself, before I finally just…okay, I was excited that he didn’t want it, because I really wanted

Lunch Buddies Fruit Flavored Fruit Snacks (Aldi)

Nice, soft, chewy texture and some deliciously artificial flavors! Fruit snacks are one of those things that I completely forgot about once I entered high school.  You know what I’m talking about…foods that you really enjoy, but just never think about?  That’s where fruit snacks are with me.  My wife bought a few packs of them a while back, and I swore I was going to eat one, but by the time I remembered, she had eaten them all. All that changed when she put a THIRTY-TWO pack of Lunch Buddies Fruit Snacks in our shopping cart one day.  Thirty-two packs?  Where were we shopping, Sam’s Club?  Costco?  Nope.  Aldi!  And the entire box is only $3.49, which isn’t at all a bad deal if you ask me.  Again, these aren’t things that we eat all the time, but the entire box lasted us about six months of on-again-off-again snacking. Each box contains six flavors:  Strawberry, fruit punch, grape, orange, green apple, and cherry.  One thing I definitely like about these is that there’s no c

Lunch Buddies Tropical Banana Applesauce (Aldi)

Do not ever give this to children whom you actually love. You know, I like applesauce quite a bit, but it just never ends up on my grocery list. I think it's probably because it exists in the weird middle spectrum of apple products: it's basically mushy, ground-up apple. So if I want an apple, I'll eat an apple, and if I'm thirsty, I'll just drink apple juice. This means that the “sauce” version of this delicious fruit is relegated mainly to when I'm sick, or have some kind of oral surgery that demands that I eat something soft. It's not quite fair to the apple world, but it's an uncomfortable truth. But one of the quickest ways to capture my attention is to use the word “banana”, which is high up there as one of my favorite fruits. It's almost impossible to screw up a banana product, especially when it's made with actual banana puree (as this is). Another great keyword that immediately perks me up is “tropical”. I love many things that are