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Little Journey Small Strides Baby Diapers (Aldi)

Solid performance at a great price! As pretty much everyone in the world knows, diapers are expensive. Even if you don't have children, your parenting friends have probably casually mentioned this to you at least a thousand times over the course of conversations that have nothing to do with babies or finances. Unfortunately, they are also completely necessary. As tempting as it might be to tape a plastic bag to your child just to save a few bucks sometimes, that's obviously not a logical (or hygienic) approach. (Can you imagine the looks on the faces of stunned parents as you whipped out a tape gun and plastic bag in the changing station of your local mall? Come to think of it, that could be a funny public skit idea...)  Of course, there are alternatives—the main one being cloth diapers—but those require higher upfront costs and ongoing maintenance (constant washing), not to mention the learning curve of figuring out which of the half-dozen different kinds of cloth di

Little Journey Thick & Quilted Baby Wipes (Aldi)

Great wipes at a great price! If you read my previous review, you'd see that my wife is basically a Momzilla (like a Bridezilla, only for parents instead of a would-be spouse), and is super protective of what goes on or near his body. (Haha, I was actually just joking and sincerely hope it didn't come off that way; most mothers I know of are like that with their children.) Well, wipes are perhaps the second most important thing that will constantly be in contact with baby's skin, and so it should come as no surprise that she's just as maniacal and opinionated about brands of baby wipes—and this time, not even Little Journey is exempt from her stringent standards. You see, she dislikes the name brand of baby stuff that starts with a “hug” and can't be bothered to try anything that pertains to that brand. Well, the packaging for Little Journey's Thick Quilted Baby Wipes compares it directly to said brand, which has automatically disqualified it from being th