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Kirkwood Parmesan Garlic Encrusted Chicken Tenders (Aldi)

An under-the-radar gem. It had been a while since I tried these things, but even though we didn’t have a whole lot of money, I decided to spend the extra couple of bucks to get these over their (pretty solid) chicken nuggets.  Hey, a guy can only eat the same things for so long before he gets tired of them, you know?  The last time I got these it was easily over a year ago (quite possibly two), but I’ve always remembered the taste…and if you know me at all, you know my memory is absolutely godawful.  But did they live up to my high expectations? One thing I want to mention before we get too far into the review, is that these are NOT COOKED.  In other words, they are raw.  In yet more words, unlike their chicken nuggets, these are not made to be tossed in the microwave for a “quick meal”; you have to cook them in the oven, lest you want to risk getting seriously sick. So if you're looking for something quick that you can just nuke and eat, you should probably get something else. The

Kirkwood Chicken Breast Nuggets (Aldi)

These are pretty good, as far as frozen nuggets go. Here are one of those products that we always seem to have on hand, yet I have never even thought of reviewing before. On their own, these aren't anything to write home about. There's obviously the taste of chicken once you bite in to the middle, but the breading itself is a pretty boring combination of spices that are in no way spectacular, and even then only come off as passable. And yet, I have to be perfectly honest here, I really like these things. They taste excellent when dipped in barbecue sauce (well, just about any kind of sauce), and cook up quickly in the microwave, making them a perfect meal of convenience. Or, if I have more time, I like tossing them in the oven to crisp up the breading a little bit. Perhaps best of all, a bag of these are somewhere around the $4 range. If you're thinking that's pretty high, I would have agreed with you initially, except that you get around 48 nuggets per bag. I

Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Patties (Aldi)

To whom it may concern: Bring back the boxed version of these! I wanted a cheap dinner the other night, so we headed over to Aldi. I was planning on grabbing the four-pack “of questionable quality” chicken patties in a box, only to discover they didn’t offer them anymore. That’s a shame, I thought, considering they were only $2. Then, my eyes caught a bag of chicken patties that were slightly more expensive ($3.49), but turned out to be the most inexpensive ones they offered. I settled on getting those, figuring I would probably get fewer patties for the buck, with with slightly higher quality. As it turns out, these are pretty much the exact same chicken patties as the previously boxed kind, at least in terms of appearance. While at first, I was slightly disappointed (I had assumed I would be getting fewer pieces of better-quality chicken instead), working out the math in my head helped to calm me down: I counted nine patties in this bag, for $3.49. The original boxes had four f

Kirkwood Boneless Chicken Wyngz (Aldi)

"Wyngz"? Really?! Why not "Bownlisss Chikkin" while they're at it? In honor of the “big game”, Mama Cozzi’s is offering up a generous portion of her chicken wings as a special buy at Aldi stores across the nation! Really, “chicken wings” seems to be kind of a stretch, as they remind me more of chicken nuggets than any form of wing.  Just the smell of these right out of the box seems to suggest a nugget more than a wing, as did my preferred method of eating them, which consisted of dipping the pieces into the accompanying sauces.  To me, a wing already has sauce on them, furthering my own argument with myself.  Lastly, they’re pretty darn small.  I mean, smaller than most boneless wings I’ve seen, and I’m including ones I’ve seen at terrible joints like Buffalo Wild Wings, which is somehow one of the most popular wing places in the U.S., despite charging a premium for wings that are no bigger than the average humans thumb.  But I digress. I guess we’ve a