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Hype Ultra Mint & Lime Energy Mojito Energy Drink (Big Lots)

Look in the pages of the bible and I'm pretty sure this is mentioned as a sign of the coming Apocalypse. Well, Hype, here we are again. I was not a fan of the previous energy drink I tried from you—the rather standard and uninspiring Enlite—but wanted to give you a second shot, although the fact I’m dealing with an energy mojito (?) just seems kind of unfair. I mean, how can a combination of fake mint and lime flavoring be any good? I’m a little predisposed to hating drinks that knock off cocktails, because really, what’s the point? Unless you’re underage, or have some religious or medical condition that prevents you from drinking alcohol, why would anyone want to drink a beverage that tastes like alcohol, but without all the fun side effects? I mean, are there really that many people that would drink more, if only alcohol was a stimulant, rather than a depressant?  An even more pressing question: Why would a company strive to make an energy beverage that tastes like a mo