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Unbranded Colored "Designer" 12 oz. Spray Bottles (Dollar Tree)

The end result of our second bottle after literally three sprays ; our first one didn't last much longer. I don't think our household would ever have a real use for spray bottles if it weren't for the need to keep pets at bay. First, we got one several years back for our basset hound, Beauregard, as a means to control him on the rare occasions he decided to move and got a little too ornery...a quick spray to the face would remedy that, at least for the immediate time being. About a year after gentle ol’ Beau passed, we (well, really just my wife) got a three-month old rescue kitty from the local shelter. Even though she was pretty well-trained in most areas (the kitty I wife is not well-trained in any area, haha), she proved to be even more hard-headed than the dog. Despite her otherwise chill attitude, she would continually try to get our food, or get in our way at the most inconvenient times, and no matter how often we told her “no”, or gently nudged her aside,