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Hospitality Bunch o' Cinnamon Squares Cereal (Dollar Tree)

If you can finish the whole box, you should be given a reward. Like a refund. If you can't you should still be given a refund. I've only tried cereal from Dollar Tree one other time prior to this, and the experience did not go well. That probably explains why it's been about four years since I bought one—and it probably would have been even longer had they not had this perched on an endcap, cartoon elephant peeking out at me through sad eyes as if begging me to take him home. I waffled back and forth a little bit, remembering how bad the fruit loops I had were, but a couple of things put my mind at ease: 1.) The 7 oz. size. I figured since it was a fairly small box, the cereal could still be pretty good; I'd be terrified of trying a full box for a buck, but places like Aldi have some excellent cereals for $2 or less, and that puts this about in the same price range; and 2.) The picture on the front. I know, I know, pictures can be deceiving, but the cereal pieces l