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A Year with the Honor 7X Smartphone: Look Outside of Apple and Samsung to Stretch Your Phone Dollars Farther

We’re going to go in an opposite direction than normal for this one, and take a look at a budget smartphone that purports to have a lot of features that should cost twice as much. That phone is the Honor 7X, one of the few rare phones released stateside from Huawei, the second largest cell phone manufacturer in the world (only behind Samsung). This isn't some fly-by-night review, though...I've owned it for almost a full year, and purchased it solely for personal use, so this is a completely uninfluenced look at whether or not this phone, and similar offerings from Chinese companies like Xiaomi, can pack useful, high-end tech, within a budget price range. A quick little backstory: I was “raised” on hand-me-down iPhones, and was satisfied considering I didn’t have to pay for them. Then one day I broke mine, and as a temporary replacement while I was waiting for another hand-me-down iPhone to come my way, I got a ZTE Maven. It was absolutely awful, with a camera that couldn’t ha