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The Art of Shaving Tester Sets @ Dollar Tree!

I don't know why my $600 phone camera struggles under Dollar Tree lighting every single time. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I hate shaving; the fact there are people out there that get satisfaction out of it just completely baffles me. I've also mentioned that I will not become a deal blog, because I'm always slow on the draw. But every now and again, I stumble on some things within discount stores that really catch my eye, and that sometimes even make my jaw drop: case in point, this Art of Shaving tester kit, which was available (in large quantities) within my local Dollar Tree store. If I need to explain to you what "The Art of Shaving" is, it probably isn't for you, but it could end up being for someone you love, so here goes: It's a high-end shaving brand: you know, the type that sell safety razors for $50+, and replacement blades for over $1 apiece. These are people that take the "art of shaving" (somet