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GUEST POST! Unbranded Orange Sherbet Pints (Dollar Tree)

Want to hear our reactions and first impressions live? Then click here to listen to our live audio broadcast, in which we review four of Dollar Tree's ice cream/sherbet pints.  It's legit. I don’t really care about sherbet too much at all, so I figured my wife would be the better person to talk to about these pints, available from Dollar Tree. We already reviewed these on our radio show, and have just been incredibly lackadaisical about putting the print version down...oops. This one’s relatively quick because who has time to write reviews? Her words follow starting now: I don’t know how to go about reviewing these, because it’s a sherbet and it’s orange...I don’t know how (or why) my husband does this. It looks and tastes like orange sherbet should. What does that mean? That it’s a perfect product? I guess. Either way, I would definitely get it again. Well there you have it: succinct and to the point, as always. One point I would like to add to this - well, two actually: 1.)

SNACK CRATE CANADA: Mackintosh's Creamy Toffee (Guest Review!)

This is the first review in a one-off bonus series covering the items in a Snack Crate subscription box, which found its way to my parent's mailbox. For more details on this, check out the  introductory post . I swear I took my own picture of this, but alas, here's a stock photo because I apparently didn't. Here's a little something that's not really at all in my wheelhouse, but let's have a go of it anyway, shall we? After all, it's there. When I think of toffee, I always think of a “Heath” or “Skor” bar, with the hardened toffee providing ample crunch. I've also seen it offered in markets, usually done up with nuts or other “toppings”. I don't know if it's just a cultural variant or what, but McKenzie's is just a thin, plain “slab” of the stuff, with no other flavors or toppings whatsoever. My wife would probably actually be a better person to review this, as she likes toffee more than I do, and she's the one that ate v

GUEST POST! Choceur Cocoa-Dusted Truffles (Aldi)

GUEST POST! My wife reviews these! I do not like dark chocolate.  At all.  Therefore, I think these things taste like turds, and won‘t go anywhere near a box.  But you know what?  I don’t think it’s fair to give low scores to something that I never like.  So I asked my lovely wife, who has a completely different palate than I, to step in and give her own take on these treats, available annually around the holiday season at Aldi.  Her thoughts start below: When it comes to food and drink, I think I would be considered the man of the family.  My husband’s tastes skewer toward the sweet, to the point that he cannot drink coffee, beer, most wines, or dark chocolate.  They have evolved for the better over the years--I eventually got him to like sauerkraut and bleu cheese--but I can’t see him ever taking a liking to any of the four things I first mentioned.  Oh well, not everyone is perfect. While he never eats Choceur’s Cocoa-Dusted Truffles, they have become one of my holiday traditio