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Summit Gridlock Lo-Carb Energy Drink (Aldi)

Better than most other canned energy drinks at Aldi, but that's not saying anything. Original Gridlock pretty much sucks, which I made fairly clear in my review for that product.  But in a desperate need for some energy while inside an Aldi store, I had to think quickly and act fast.  I wanted to grab the white can of Gridlock, apparently modeled after a similar drink from a national brand, but they must have been special buys, because they were completely sold out.  So it was either original Gridlock (blech), Red Thunder (once fantastic, now blech), their “multiple-hour energy” knockoff (which is great, and dirt cheap, but I like savoring a big can), or Gridlock’s Lo-Carb version, which I have never tried before. Judging from the title of this review, I think you can tell which one I chose. Opening the can, I was a little nervous because it pretty much smells exactly the same as original Gridlock, down to what I call the “mechanical tartness” (because it tastes like y

Gridlock Ultra White Energy Drink (Aldi)

Definitely worth grabbing, if you can find one. I’ve already taken a look at regular Gridlock (gross) and diet Gridlock (better)--now it’s time to take a gander at the most elusive member of the Gridlock family…Ultra White. I say it’s “elusive” because finding this at my local Aldi is hit-or-miss, to the extent that I thought it was only a Special Buy--my wife and I picked up a couple of cans about two months ago, and haven’t seen them since.  But then on a recent trip, around two months later, there were three cans of this left on the shelf, so we grabbed them all.  Curiously, the price tag only alludes to the regular and diet versions, with no mention at all of “Ultra White”.  Maybe this problem is just limited to our local store, but if it is a consistent offering, it seems to be sold out more often than not. I would not have even known what product this was ripping off, had it not been for my wife--she tried the national brand version, and fell in love with it.  I guess

Summit Gridlock Original Flavor Energy Drink

A Gridlock energy drink, in its native habitat. One thing Aldi seems to be pretty well stocked on, are energy drinks.  They have a private label version for every can size and preference, from the small cans that “give you wings” (see above review), to the tiny multiple-hour energy shots; however you like to stay energized, they have you covered.  Well, what if your preference are the 16 oz. “tall can” energy beverages?  I’m happy to say they have that, too, in the form of Gridlock. I actually prefer these larger cans.  Whereas most people seem to down them all in one sitting, I can generally make them last two days, which makes them a better value than spending two dollars on one serving.  Well, we just saw in the above review that the small-canned energy drinks are stellar representatives of the beverages they were trying to emulate, so how do the tall cans stack up? The smell is very strong, but inviting.  It has a “typical” energy drink scent, but even stronger, with a litt