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Gourmet Select Baked Onion Rings (Big Lots)

A decent little snack for the price. I shouldn’t have to tell you the myriad of ways purchasing an obscure brand from Big Lots can go completely wrong. First of all, unlike places like Aldi, these aren’t brands that work with Big Lots under stringent standards…they’re usually things that Big Lots just happens to get for really, really cheap. This can also happen for a variety of reasons: the product could be discontinued, could have gotten new packaging or a new formula (so they’re getting rid of the old stuff), or it could have just sucked so bad that the company is trying to cut their losses, so they sell it to Big Lots at a deeply discounted rate. That’s what tends to make purchasing stuff from closeout stores such a risky proposition--you can’t really tell why those items are there specifically. I have had some less-than-stellar performance out of a couple different mock “onion ring snacks” before, and that didn’t set the bar very high for the plain-looking bag of Gourmet

Gourmet Select Party Mix (Big Lots)

Ladies and gentlemen, how not to design your packaging: Exhibit A. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you how not to design your packaging, and exhibit A is the set-up for Gourmet Select's Party Mix, which just looks so cheap and uninviting that my first instinct was to run far away from it. The only thing that calmed me down and assured me things might be okay was the price tag ($1 for a 6 oz. bag, which isn't bad at all), and the knowledge that I'd tried a couple Gourmet Select products in the past, and they were actually pretty good. Besides, how can you really screw up a party mix? This proves that you really can't, although it tries its damndest: there is just WAY too much salt. Like, an ungodly amount. I understand that a lot of party mixes are loaded with sodium, but when it becomes the only thing you can taste, then there's a big problem. This is a big shame, because all of the individual pieces themselves, from the corn and wheat cereal bits, to the rye ch