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Goodsense 30-Gallon Trash Bags (Dollar Tree)

Not nearly as bad as one would think. A long while back, I purchased an unbranded set of trash bags from Dollar Tree that were absolutely horrendous, and hands down the worst garbage bags I’ve ever had the misfortune of using.  If I recall correctly, I suggested that they be immediately removed from the shelves and never sold again; they didn’t listen, as they can still be purchased online (and probably in stores…I’m programmed to just skim over them if I see them). However, a short while after that debacle, I purchased the same product, only in the Goodsense brand.  At first, I was a little skeptical that it might be the same product, only with an added brand name, but those fears were quickly allayed after using them.  It’s been four years that I’ve been using them, and I just realized that I have not reviewed them.  So for those of you that might be a little leery of using any trash product from Dollar Tree after reading my review (or after using them yourself), I feel I ow