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Friendly Farms Skyr Icelandic Style Blueberry Blended Yogurt (Aldi)

Oooh, a little too much bokeh on this here image. Still, you get the point. I like the national brand skyr, but have to be in the mood for it, because it's much less sweet than the yogurts we typically tend to eat. So when I saw Aldi was offering some as a special buy, I was eager to give it a shot to see how it stacks up with that brand. So let's get down to business then, shall we? Aaah, here we go: I think this one hits the nail on the head a little bit more in terms of the flavor being as…”dry” as the original (for lack of a better term). It does still hit the “sweet” part of the palate a little bit harder than the national brand... yep, the more and more I eat it, the sweeter it seems to get, like it slowly builds up through added bites. I still wouldn’t really describe it as “sweet”--it's not much at all like a traditional yogurt--and I don’t think it’s a strong as the strawberry was (which, to be fair, is a sweeter fruit overall), but I’d say this strikes a

Friendly Farms Light Sour Cream (Aldi)

About 95% as good as regular sour cream, but with 50% less fat. Consider me 100% impressed! Sour cream is delicious.  While I don’t get to use it very often, my wife likes to make tacos every once in a while, and they are a required condiment for those.  I also like to put some on Aldi’s own Mama Cozzi’s Taco Pizza, which is one of the best frozen pizzas I’ve ever had two dozen times. Like a lot of people these days, though, I try keep an eye on what I eat.  Now this doesn’t mean I won’t down a whole frozen pizza occasionally, or I won’t slather some ice cream with unhealthy chocolate and cookie toppings; it just means I try to at least make up for the extra calories by cutting back somewhere else, whether it be limiting my soda intake, or drinking more water or healthy juice--anything to try to offset the added calories at least somewhat.  But when I stumbled on Friendly Farms' Light Sour Cream, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The term “light” always tends to make m

Christmas in Chocolate: Friendly Farms Chocolate Mint Milk (Aldi)

Smooth and delicious. My mind was jumping at the excitement of the possibly delicious taste combinations of Friendly Farms’ Mint Chocolate Milk from the moment I first laid eyes on it in an Aldi advert.  But inevitably, my mind also shifted to the possibility that it would be atrocious.  After all, chocolate mint milk doesn’t exactly appear to be a popular item; a quick check of the internet has revealed that, outside of soy brands, there really isn’t a supplier of chocolate mint milk, either seasonally, or year ‘round (and if there is, they don’t market it very well), though there are quite a few recipes to make it yourself at home. Initially, I was a little off-put by the rather small size of the carton.  It’s 32 oz. (think half the size of an orange juice carton), for $1.99, which seems a little bit high to me.  But hey, it only comes around once a year, and my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to splurge on it. The smell is enticing, consisting largely of choco

Friendly Farms Ranch Dip (Aldi)

We'll get it all started off with a review of ranch dip. Friendly Farms Ranch Dip, $1.09 for 16 oz. at Aldi Here we have  Friendly Farms Ranch Dip .  Like most chip/veggie dips, it is packaged in a 16 oz. plastic container.  When opening it for the first time, it has a rather unpleasant appearance...almost like there's a small sheet of film on top of the dip, or that it is severely dried out...however, this goes away (unlike the Kroger brand ranch dip, which looked dehydrated every time I opened it, and didn't taste very ranch-y to begin with).  Future openings will instead reward you with a small puddle of liquid sloshing about, which is typical of dairy products in general. All it takes is a chip or carrot, and a few seconds worth of stirring, and it goes back to looking delicious. Opening qualms aside, this is some solid ranch dip, made even moreso by its $1.09 price tag.  It has a delicious ranch smell that is just like the taste:  strong, but not overpowering.