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Emporium Selection Halloumi-Style Cheese Fries (Aldi)

I'm still not entirely sure what to think about these... Emporium Selection Cheese Fries are the one product that got my mouth watering every single time I saw them sitting on an Aldi shelf. However I never pulled a trigger on buying them for various reasons: one time they were sold out, another time they were too expensive, and a third time our Instacart shopper couldn't find them. Well, we went the next day to do some supplemental shopping and lo and behold we found them sitting on the shelf where they always are. Was our instacart shopper just blind? Uncommitted? Or did they happen to restock the shelves in the 24-hour period between when she went shopping and when we went shopping? I guess it doesn't matter, but it's just another perfectly valid reason to hate Instacart. Anyway, my wife unanimously supported my decision to get these. We weren't really sure what to expect: I mean obviously cheese in a fry shaped form, but we expected them to also have some type o