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Unbranded Battery-Operated LED Projector Light (Dollar Tree)

UPDATE (Nov. 2020): Our local store finally got in a new shipment of these: I picked up one of each design (four total). We'll have an updated review in a month or so as we see how long these manage to last! Cool when it works, junk when it breaks after a day. This review doubles as both a look at the product, and a heartbreaking tale of childhood innocence lost; a tale of one three year old's sudden realization that the world can be a cold, heartless, cruel place, where happiness can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. (And yes, the titular product does play a large role in this story.) My wife and I were “on vacation” in Cincinnati (more a weekend getaway, celebrating our anniversary), when we decided to check out the local Dollar Tree for a reason that escapes me at the moment (I'm sure to grab something we forgot to pack). The closest one to our hotel was rather large—we live within 2 miles of two small DT stores that are frequently short on inventory—so I decided to w

Ubeesize 51" Multi-Purpose Tripod/Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote (

This is about as good as you're going to get for around $20. Believe it or not, I like to dabble in photography. I know that might be a hard concept to grasp for longtime readers of this blog (are there any?), because I consistently forget to snap pictures of the products I review while I have them, and many of the ones I do remember are haphazardly thrown together. Indeed, I hate taking boring photos of products—for whatever reason, considering it's easy as hell to do and only takes ten seconds—but when it comes to more “artistic” shots, such as macro or nighttime photography, I'm always looking for unique ways to capture shots. And I think one of the major reasons I count this as a hobby is just how far mobile photography has come. Even though I've always thought I've had a pretty good eye for composition, I just didn't have the interest level (nor the monetary requirement) to carry around a large case full of equipment with me wherever I go. Now that smart

Supcase Beetle Phone Case for Huawei P30 Pro (

The familiar two-piece design protects the phone from virtually all angles. I gave an above-average-but-less-than-glowing review of my P20 Pro's Beetle Case. So why did I go ahead and get the same case for my upgraded phone? Two reasons: familiarity, and nervousness. For starters, I hate haggling with phone cases, and considering I had already installed (and uninstalled, for cleaning reasons) my P20 Pro case numerous times, I was certain I could install the P30 Pro's in record time. As for nervousness, I really wanted a clear case that would show off my cool “Breathing Crystal” finish (just as I had wanted to show off the P20 Pro's “Twilight”), but after reading several users having issues with tempered glass installations—thanks to the phone's curved-edge screens, and in-display fingerprint scanner, and especially in tandem with certain, unnamed phone cases—I just said forget it and stuck with what I knew. After all, protection comes first when you spend $600 on

Supcase Beetle Case for Huawei P20 Pro (

One of the few "all-in-one" two-piece sets for 360-degree phone coverage. I had my Huawei P20 Pro phone for only about a week before I ended up putting it away in my pocket, forgetting I also had a set of keys in there...and that's how I ended up figuring out that my phone did not come with a pre-installed screen protector. Needless to say, I was panicking, and wanted to figure out an ideal, all-in-one way to protect my screen without blocking the cool “twilight” color scheme on the phone's back. Long story short, I discovered that was pretty much impossible. How in the hell hasn't a company come up with a way to blend a clear back with a built-in screen protector? I mean, when you pay half-a-thousand dollars for a brand new phone, you kind of want to show it off. But after trying in vein for what felt like hours (because it probably was) to find a practical solution, I finally realized that—since it came down to it—I would much rather sacrifice beauty for

UPDATED: One Year With the Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone in the U.S.: Putting Performance/Availability Questions to Rest

NOTE: This is an open, work-in-progress review, which was originally planned to be updated every few months over the lifespan of the phone. As such, the rating may continually be adjusted based on future performance. While it didn't happen periodically as planned, here's the update after a full year of use. New photos should also be uploaded soon, as I've still never gotten around to that.  The latest update of this review was posted February, 2020. New notes appear in italics according to the section it pertains to. The article was originally published in April, 2019. NOTE #2 (5/24/2020):  After threatening to cut ties with Huawei for my next phone, I've since recanted...and bought a P30 Pro. Expect another ongoing in-depth review (with hopefully more pictures; I just hate taking product photos, for some unknown reason) of that one starting around the one month mark.  PHOTO NOTES: All images taken from this phone and used in this review are the default 10 MP photo