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Eat! Homestyle Kickin' Chicken Alfredo (Dollar Tree)

Run far, far away. Dollar Tree is honestly the worst place in the world to realize that you're hungry. There are some good options, but not that many...and even a majority of the “best”, or most filling options are, well, not all that great. It was with this mindset that I decided to try Kickin' Chicken Alfredo, an addition to their “Eat! Homestyle” line that I had not seen before. To be perfectly frank, I didn't really have high hopes for this, even from the outset. Alfredo is a delicious, decadent sauce that just doesn't seem to be replicated well in any frozen product, much less one that has to be sold for a dollar (which means it has to be manufactured for even less than that). The main reason, is that a vast majority of them use half and half as a cheaper substitute for the “heavy whipping cream” typically found in real alfredo sauces...and Eat's version is no different. The half and half basically waters it down, which makes it much less thick, which then tend

Eat! Southwestern Style Vegetable Burrito Bowl (Dollar Tree)

Not a bad way to go for $1. As I have mentioned in a previous review, Eat! is a frozen meal company that, as far as I can tell, seems to exclusively supply Dollar Tree stores. The products are manufactured by Bellisio Foods, a factory located right here in Ohio; the combination makes sense, considering Bellisio also makes the name brand single serve frozen meals that Dollar Tree carries. Is Bellisio eventually going to pull the name brand products from DT stores and replace them with these private label products instead? It's a complete guess on my part, but one that makes potential sense; only time will tell. Technically, this dish is doomed to me from the beginning, because I don’t much care for beans, nor rice, and those two items make up about 50% of this entrée. Obviously, however, I’m taking a look at it for what it is, rather than my own personal affection for it, if that makes sense. Which it doesn't. Either way, I was in the mood for something different, somet

Eat! Asian Style Beef with Broccoli Frozen Meal (Dollar Tree)

Don't even bother. “Eat!” is the name of Dollar Tree’s new frozen food line, and from what I can tell from the very limited collection of information available online, it’s manufactured exclusively for them. Now “Why?” is another question that begs to be asked, given the fact Dollar Tree already has plenty of name brand frozen meals available—perhaps the plan is to eventually phase those out and stick to “their” brands...but this is nothing more than conjecture at this stage. Anyway, your dollar gets you either 7.5 oz. or 8 oz. of food (depending on the entrée), which is either slightly below, or right at the “norm” for frozen supermarket fare (as a comparison, the national brand carried by DT has 8 oz. of food; Main Street Kitchen, manufactured by Kraft-Heinz and available here, as well as other national retailers, offer up 9). Initial observations: The sauce looks pretty delicious and inviting, a dark brown “thickquid” (thick liquid) that strongly reminds me of the s