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Easy Home 8" Air Circulating Fan (Aldi)

"Excuse my dust", which also happens to be a good example of how much use this thing gets. For a period last summer, I was obsessed with the idea of an air circulating fan. It was because the idea was fairly new to me…even though they’ve been around for years, I never really paid enough attention to realize that there were different types of "propellered air blowers": I had always assumed a fan was just a fan. But then, after buying a couple for our hot room that ended up doing nothing but blowing hot air around, I heard about air circulators, and my interest was piqued. So what are the differences between the two types of fans? Basically, a regular fan just “grabs” the air that immediately surrounds it and throws it back around the room at roughly the same temperature it was going in. This can be great if you need to cool off in moderate temperatures, but again, not so great if the air in the room is already warm and you want to cool off. And that’s wher