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e-Circuit Vent Mount Auto Cell Phone Holder (Dollar Tree)

Up to you to decide if the frustrations are negated by the $1 price point. A few Special Buy cycles back at Aldi, I grabbed an Auto XS Cell Phone Holder for my wife's Jeep (see review above). I initially wanted to buy one for myself, as well, but by the time they marked them down to a price I was willing to pay (which, ironically, was just $2 less than retail price), there were only a couple remaining. I wanted one, but was a little hesitant about the quality; after taking it home and seeing how easy it was to install (just set on the windshield, and push down on the base to lock the suction/adhesive into place), I got a little jealous and regretful that I didn't grab one for myself while I was there. A couple days later, after seeing its smooth operation, I decided to go grab it. Of course, Aldi had sold out of their last one by the time I had made my commitment, and so I searched for one at the cheapest place I could think of: Dollar Tree. According to their website, th

Circuit Slim Jewel Cases (Dollar Tree)

Underneath that packaging, there's probably five broken jewel cases. I feel like I’ve been giving Dollar Tree the shaft.  Even though I love the place, most of the few reviews I’ve posted about them have been overwhelmingly negative…so I guess the old adage that people are more apt to write about a bad experience than a good one is true.  So I’ll make a note to myself to start reviewing more positive products from the Tree. However, in the meantime, here’s another negative review, because these slim jewel cases are absolute crap to the point that they should immediately be taken off the shelves because they serve no justifiable purpose whatsoever.  If they don’t all break as you’re ripping off the cellophane wrapper, then they’ll just break the moment you open them.  Seriously.  Out of the first five I purchased, all but one ripped in half the first time I opened them, and I even made sure to open them gently.  I know that even standard jewel cases fall apart some times, and