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The Closest Thing to a "Fun" Survey Site? An In-Depth Look at Crowdtap

WHAT IS IT? Crowdtap is a site (and mobile app) that pays you for your opinions on a wide variety of topics. But, before you start groaning and dismissing it as "just another survey site", it is worth noting that this one works a little differently: rather than locking you into 20-minute questionnaires that only pay out a quarter, the surveys here are short, often only one or two questions, and rarely more than 10. Once you complete them, you are “paid out” in points, which you can then redeem for cold cards. SITE SETUP/NAVIGATION The minimalist main dashboard. There’s no denying that Crowdtap stands out from the crowd in the visual department, by offering up a survey site that not only seems modern, but also borders on the fun! This is in sharp contrast to the mostly boring, entirely text-based surveys that other sites constantly peddle. Having a small number of tasks also makes the site stand out in yet another way: simplicity. Virtua